Kizer Friday Lucky Win, Combo sada Escort & ~Red Hot~ Chili

   |   Just right that is EveryDay Carry
7956,– 3939,–  CZK including VAT3255,– CZK without Tax (excluding VAT)code: V4481C1, V3601C1
Last chance! 4 pcs

Udělejte si dvojitou radost s Kizer Friday Lucky Win v sadě za Prémiovou cenu.

Detailní popis zboží zde:

Kizer ~Red Hot~ Chili Pepper by Swaggs

Kizer Escort, Richlite Handle, Clutch Lock

  • Brand: Kizer
  • Knife selections: Folding knives
  • Emotions, First Touch: Infinitely Perfect, made just for your hands!
  • Handling, how it fits into your hand: Just right that is EveryDay Carry
  • Packaging: Black box with micro towel
  • Sales mode: Brand New

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