About us

Our Premium DNA: prémiové-nože.cz
Our philosophy to understand the principle of premium trade is a key motivation to achieve the goal. We know it and we find ourselves in this situation in our everyday life. On the one hand, the customer and the other supplier. It is always difficult to find the right solution and fulfill the expectations. Or perhaps best in hand to satisfy the complete, in our case, literally premium service. Our recipe for success lies in the relevant experience and practice in international business. Thanks to this, we can proudly and with the aegis of our name to ring all loudly for you, we have only premium knives and quality with a clean pedigree.

Our Premium story:
When did it all begin? My first "folding fish knife" from Grandpa. On the holidays with my grandmother. Probably not many of you will know across the generations of the legendary fish. My first one blade tool in my life. I was cooking a bonfire, cutting a pin on a stick, wearing it in the woods for the mushrooms, or having an accident in my pocket for my uncle. The spell of steel and metal fascinated me then. That's why I've always wanted to have a decent kudlu, whether in the kitchen or on the road. You can now write the mystery and magic of moments in your life in your own chronicle or your loved ones. If you decide to give them a premium quality knife. In short, he will be happy to cut off almost anything. You can Trust us.